Vegan Fish and Chips for a Fiver!

Last week, my fiancée discovered on a vegan Facebook group that The Hungry Horse chain of pubs was now offering some new vegan options, including vegan fish and chips!

So, logically we headed down to our nearest one (a pub called The Fox Under the Hill) to check it out. The menu had quite a few decent-looking vegan options on it, including a roasted tomato soup, falafel burger and even a warm Bakewell tart with vegan ice cream for dessert!

The last one really was great to see, because a lot of places seem to launch savoury vegan items and then leave us with nothing for dessert, as if we didn’t want chocolate cake too! *angry emoji*

So anyway, back to the ‘fish’ and chips… First we spotted the standard sized option of the ‘Fish-free Fillets and Chips’, which was £5.99 or two for £8.49. To be fair, in London you’d normally pay at least £8.49 for a single portion of tofish and chips from a food market just to eat it stood in the corner near the bin, so this seemed like pretty awesome value to us.

But then we spotted it, the ‘Mix it Up Big Plate Special’ which would give us three vegan ‘fish’ fillets, a sauce and two sides for under a tenner.

But it gets better….

We turned over the menu and boom! On Tuesdays the ‘Big Plate Specials’ are just £5! So that settled it, we ended up with three tofu fillets on a sizzling tray with onions and peppers, some Mexican rice and – of course – thick cut chips so we could truly say we’d had ‘fish and chips’. And all for a fiver.

We ordered one each and the Bakewell tart with ice cream to share for dessert, and it didn’t disappoint.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 18.14.07

James Sturt-Schmidt - Millennianaire

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