Can a vegan ultra runner set the new record for the 874 mile-long run across Great Britain?

AKDMKE-1680x1050-6cr2vrli1plhh20up20ljc7kmf4uxe1olmo2budwcu2-696x557Given that a lot of the running community is being left in the dust of plant-munching social runners, marathon runners and ultra-long distance runners these days, the answer is very likely, “yes!”.

The man currently running his sixth day of 90 miles, ‘living life on the veg’, is Dan Lawson. He’s a 44 year old vegan ultra-runner determined to run from the northern tip of Scotland to the western tip of Cornwall in under nine days, aiming to beat the current record of nine days, two hours and twenty-six minutes set by Andrew Rivett in 2002.

Lawson has already achieved a considerable number of world-class race titles, amongst them Britain’s Grand Union Canal Race, the 400K Ultra Gobi Race and the UltraBalaton 218K.

If he is victorious in his current mission to set the new record for John O’Groats to Land’s End, it will mark another great victory for vegan athletes, just a month after 53-year-old vegan runner Catra Corbett broke the record for the 310 mile-long Muir Ramble Route in California.

Running is a fantastic way to keep fit, keep a clear head and to spend some quality time with nature, alone or in a group. I’ve only recently gotten into running again and am currently working myself towards a humble 10k, but every journey has to start with just one step!

If you want to get involved in running (as a vegan, non-vegan, Earthling or Martian), a great place to start is with the ParkRun community who organise casual runs in parks all over the world every Saturday. Check out their website here.

If you want to know more about Dan Lawson, the ultra runner currently making his way across Great Britain, take a look at his website here.

James Sturt-Schmidt - Millennianaire

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