Vegan Police: Shoreditch Police Officers Build Nut Yogurt Empire, ‘Nush.’

UK-based vegan yoghurt, milk, and cheese brand Nush Foods was founded by Bethany and Paul Eaton, a London police duo revolutionising the UK yogurt industry.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.39.20Nush Foods sells a diverse range of vegan products, including almond and cashew milk yogurts in pots and child-friendly tubes, and creamy, spreadable soft cheeses (which you can get here).

Nush’s story began when Bethany Eaton was lead to visit a nutritionist, feeling unwell due to the pressures of being a London Met police officer and the subsequent neglect of her diet and health at the time. Following her trip to the nutritionist, she reduced her work to part-time, cut out dairy, and began studying a degree in nutrition.

A short while after finishing her nutrition degree, her and her husband, Paul, started Nush Foods. Bethany told the Evening Standard, “There was nothing on the market at that time, only soya yoghurts and I had given up dairy. I was always ringing places like Whole Foods asking if they were about to stock any almond yoghurts, and I thought: ‘Why not do my own?’ So we started making batches of it in our kitchen.”

According to Bethany, the couple’s friends were shocked by their sudden and unexpected shift from policing the streets of Shoreditch to whipping-up almond yogurts for sale, but nonetheless the couple kept going until – after three years – Nush had a full line of exciting products.

In the same period, the Eatons also purchased the franchise for Coyo, an Australian coconut milk-based yoghurt brand, which they then introduced into the UK. Shortly after it became one of the UK’s best-selling vegan yoghurts.

Nush Foods’ products come in various flavours, including Caramel & Hibiscus, Blueberry, Banoffee, and Peach Melba. They are made using Sicilian almonds, chosen for their quality, nutritional value and environmental benefits.

James Sturt-Schmidt - Millennianaire


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