Don’t Make the Owl Angry: Duolingo’s Potential for Improving Student Motivation in MFL

This research project aims to explore the potential of the language-learning platform, Duolingo, for improving student motivation in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) through the lens of expectancy-value theory. The research question it addresses is: Can Duolingo be used to increase student motivation in MFL?

The lesser-known benefits of learning a second language

There are so many reasons to learn a foreign language, not least for the communicative potential and employability language skills can offer. Nonetheless, foreign language learning has been on a steady decline in British education in recent years. With the world more interconnected than ever before, there has arguably never been a better time to learn a foreign language. This short article aims to summarise some of the lesser-known benefits of language learning, highlighting just how much there is to be gained from learning a foreign language.