About The Millennial.

What is, or who is, The Millennial?

I wanted to create a space where I could bring together all of my interests, where I could share information on the topics that interest me, and where I could ‘think out loud’ and collect my thoughts and ideas.

I tried to find a common theme that runs through all of these topics. The only thing I could think of that brings together some of the wildly different interests I have, was me. A person, living in late capitalism, trying to get to grips with where we’ve come from, where we’re going, how we should live and how we can make sense of our existence.

To many though, I’m just another millennial. A person, born in the mid ’90s, concerned with social justice (a snowflake?) and a sucker for good coffee and avocado toast. To be honest, I’m not sure I would identify too strongly with being ‘a millennial’, and I’m equally uncertain the millennial generation would collectively identify with me. But it seemed like a good name for the digital embodiment of myself I aimed to create. My identity, my name, becomes secondary. What I want people to give importance to, is the content of my mind.

Of course, if you came to the About page, you might be wondering what gives anything I say or write any validity. Just about anybody can make a blog these days, and being able to make your opinion persuasive and readable doesn’t constitute truth. The sophists of Ancient Greece taught us that much. So, to save anyone having to do any online stalking, and in the name of openness and critical subjectivity, I’ll include some details about myself below. Though to be honest, my aim isn’t really to ‘sell’ you any ideas. In fact, I’m hoping you leave this site with more answers than questions, and that you embark on your own explorations of ideas.

Formal education


I studied my Undergraduate degree in Spanish and Sociology at Aston University, Birmingham. Aside from the language part of the course, I studied the history of Spain and Latin America, Hispanic art, culture, literature and cinema, Spanish politics and economics and human rights in Latin America. I also took an extra module in Brazilian Portuguese in my first year. In Sociology, I studied Research Methods, Race and Racism, Identities and Inequalities and Social Theory. I also attended weekly ‘Feminist Cafés’ throughout my degree with lecturers and postgraduate students to discuss topics pertinent to the Feminist movement.

As part of my degree, I completed an Erasmus+ year in Spain, where I studied at the Universidad de Granada. I took modules there in Linguistics, Contemporary Social Theory, Classic and Modern Social Theory, Processes of Social Change, Sociology of the Environment, Sociology of Gender and Age, Social Anthropology, Social Ethics and Social Psychology. Whilst living in Spain, I was actively involved in (legal) non-violent, grassroots activism in favour of animal rights and gender equality. For my undergraduate dissertation, I conducted qualitative research into the lived experiences of vegans in the UK.


I completed my Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Warwick, where I studied: State of the Art of Sociology, Social Theory and Social Justice, Qualitative Methods in Social Research, Philosophy of Science, Sociology of Modernity, and Capitalism, State and Market. I also attended extra Undergraduate sessions on the topic of Animal Rights and Human-Animal relations, which was my primary area of interest.

For my MA dissertation, I conducted qualitative research into the reasons why people discontinued a vegan or plant-based diet after following it consistently for at least 30 consecutive days. My hope was to understand some of the barriers people encountered to transitioning to a vegan diet, in order to be able to address these barriers.

In 2020 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with the University of Exeter as part of my training to become a Teacher of Spanish and French. I am currently teaching languages in an independent school and continuing my own studies of German and Portuguese. My other interests and independent study include music, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience and nutrition.